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Small Ruminants & Camelids

Herd and individual animal healthcare.

The Mixed Animal Veterinarians at our Watkins Veterinary Clinic will come to your farm to evaluate the individual and/or the entire herd health of sheep, goats, and camelids. These services include but are not limited to:

Herd Health Management

Developing vaccine, breeding, and parasite control protocols, as well as castrating, disbudding, pregnancy ultrasounds, breeding soundness exams, and writing health certificates.

Sick Animal Diagnosis and Treatment

We maintain in-house laboratory equipment and also work with multiple veterinary diagnostic labs to offer the best diagnostic tests when needed. Our vets are also competent in performing ultrasounds, x-rays, and C-sections. In certain situations, our veterinarian may ask you to bring an individual animal to our clinic for evaluation and/or treatment.

Call our Watkins Vet Clinic to schedule your animal's next appointment.

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