Laser Surgery

Our Kimball and Lifelong Vet Clinics offer a surgical laser option for spays, neuters, and other soft-tissue surgeries.  Benefits of using a laser instead of a traditional scalpel are:

  • Decreased Pain-There is decreased pain as the laser seals the nerve endings which are the receptors in the body that sense pain.
  • Decreased Inflammation-There is decreased inflammation as the laser seals the lymphatic vessels as it cuts through tissue.
  • Decreased Risk of Bleeding and Bruising-There is decreased risk of bleeding as the laser cauterizes the vessels as it cuts through tissue.
  • Decreased Risk of Surgical Site Infection-There is decreased risk of surgical site infection as the laser creates heat which can damage and kill bacteria.

Please call Kimball Veterinary Clinic or Lifelong Veterinary Clinic to schedule laser surgery for your pet.


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