Equine Services

We offer equine services for preventative medicine, treatment of injured or ill horses, lameness evaluations and reproduction medicine.

  • Preventative Medicine-vaccination recommendations, fecals for parasites, deworming protocols, coggins testing, pre-purchase exams, health certificates for travel, evaluation of teeth and power dental floats if needed.
  • Diagnostic Equipment-portable x-ray for lameness evaluations, diagnostic blood testing (including metabolic syndrome testing), ophthalmic exams and reproductive ultrasounds.
  • Urgent Care/Emergency Services-we do offer after-hours emergency services for our equine patients.  Simply call 320-764-7400 and follow the prompts to have one of our equine/large animal veterinarians paged.

Watkins Vet Clinic

415 School Ave. S
P.O. Box 189
Watkins, MN 55389
Phone: 320-764-7400
Fax: 320-764-7401

Kimball Vet Clinic

581 Linden Ave. E
P.O. Box 358
Kimball, MN 55353
Phone: 320-398-3600
Fax: 320-398-3601

Maple Lake Vet Clinic

500 East State Hwy 55
P.O. Box 340
Maple Lake, MN 55358
Phone: 320-401-1300
Fax: 320-401-1505

Litchfield Veterinary Clinic

1101 South Sibley Ave
Litchfield, MN 55355
Phone: 320-693-6961
Fax: 320-693-4117

Lifelong Veterinary Clinic

905 Hwy 15 S
Hutchinson, MN  55350
Phone: 320-234-7400
Fax: 320-234-7401

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